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PostPosted: 12 Jan 2022 23:00
by Bleki_HUN
Hello friends, its me Madaracscha this time with new (old) nickname :dealwithit:
I wanna re apply cuz i miss simply have no free time for clan gamemode's and just wanna play some randoms here and there and chill with u guys :)

1. Links to your WoT Profile and WoTLabs / WoT-Life

2. Which tanks have you been enjoying the most lately? Which tank class do you prefer to play?

Hmmm, i enjoyed VZ, Chief, Kran, 121B... thats it im a op tank enjoyer :dealwithit:
About tank classes i enjoy i would say i enjoy Heavy's the most but i love everything APART from ARTA :!

3. What are the gamemodes that you are interested the most in and that you would like to participate in with IDEAL?

I am down for E V E R Y T H I N G. But for now i would stick to randoms and ocassional sh cuz of my work :(
Also i would love to play incoming campaign, if i will be able to cuz of work :(

3.1 Do you already have competitive game mode experience (SH/Adv/CW) and if so, how much?

I have many comp exp, around 5/6k battles CW+SH+ADV i played on all of the levels of competitive and not so competitive gameplay >:D

4. Please list your previous clans and why you left them.

MEME (inactiveness) CP1UM (inactiveness) KBT (clan was dead at one point) NEWRD (clan was dead at one point) IDEAL (wanted to play sh/adv and we dont do it here)

5. What is your motivation to join IDEAL? What do you expect from joining us?

I was already here, people are super nice here and when i left i litteraly cried, I am really sorry for what i did u guys gave me a chance and i ruined it i still feel bad for it.
I wanna hang out n play with nice people without any obligatorys and stuff this clan is litteraly only non toxic top clan i know, thats why i wanna be part of it once again.
Also commander is super cute and nice guy (in non fegget way Kappa) he told me some nice stuff and had nice convo with me even tho i am traitor Kappa.

6. Tell us something about yourself.

I am a nice guy from Serbia living his no life, playing games, working, playing games again... I like deep conversations about life, relationships and everything even tho i am an 18yo kiddo. I also like space a lot and of course i love WoT the most, its more of an addiction than love but we wont talk about it, i am a 1,5k wn8 player with constant progress and willing to improve (i usually play on 3k+ wn8 recents on TX without STAT PADDING.) <-- i think thats good but this clan is full of superunicums so i aint gonna flex too much Kappa. I am very emotinal person as i said and i like to talk about depression, happiness and feelings overall i like to hang out on Twitch and chat with people and i do same on Discord/TS and in-game sometimes. <--- cuz i dont have rl friends Kappa. Also i never had corona so u know i am certified no-lifer HAAFAP

Thanks for reading this, and i hope u will let me be one of u guys again.
Sincerely yours Bleki aka Madaraschaskdash aka Madjarche aka 1,5k wn8 guy.

Re: Re-Apply

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2022 20:46
by TheGamingLion
Hi bish


...the mere thought of not sending you an invite this very second.

Re: Re-Apply

PostPosted: 15 Jan 2022 22:17
by Bleki_HUN
*scared voice* ss-s-s-s-sorry ww-w-hat?

nice jebait komandir :dealwithit:

and fenks <3