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Clan Application

Post your applications to IDEAL in World of Tanks here!
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Clan Application

Postby Matlack_on_T1LT » 23 Nov 2021 17:58

1) https://pl.wot-life.com/eu/player/Matla ... 502830096/
2) MT/HT, Chieftain/279 for cws/shX, Bourrasque for shVIII and M48 Patton for randoms <3
3) I can play every compeptitives modes with good community :)
3.1) I played last campaign in TRZAN, played many adv/sh's 8-10 in 1350-1500 elo clans
4) When i left clan is mostly because of want to try sth new just take chill or clear my mind :(
5) I saw u not play any adv/cw/sh and just take chill, im looking for sth like this actually, making good platoons with good community :) Ofc if clan will participate in some game modes in the future i will join as well :)
6) I'm not old at all (just 23 yo), but i play wot sincew i was 13, i already won my wars and im little bit tired of the game format :) Wanna take some chill and get in touch with good community as Ideal :) Ofc im totally friednly and untoxic person ;-)
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Re: Clan Application

Postby TheGamingLion » 25 Nov 2021 11:21

Hey Matlack, unfortunately we are declining your application.
This is mostly down to your recents not being where we'd expect them to be after 50k battles.
Still, best of luck to you in finding a chill community that suits you! :)
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