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Application cholerisch

PostPosted: 22 May 2020 15:05
by cholerisch

2. Recently I have played IS-7, Leo 1 and numerous Tier 8 prems.
So I prefer to play meds or fast heavys with a good turret armor too.
Yoloplatoons in lowtier = love

3. I am most interested in strongholds and advances. Also I like to play
randombattles with platoonmates as well.

3.1 yes I did, in the last campaign I played at RMBLE.
Before in the Fire Trail I played the accounts of absent friends in a good mood.
I Plan to continue to play campaigns & be active in the advance.

4. This is the list of my last clans:
[SEND] I was there to enjoy all the clanbooster lonely in the beginning of my Reroll...
until I switch my Clan and join ...
[FARM-] in this wonderful clan there were more creditboosts
after this clan I joined in...
[N0BLE] cause a lot of my friends starts to rebuild it
I left this clan.. because there was a fail rebuild...
[NERVA] after my 10 days in this clan I realized that Nerva was dead *big brain move*
[SEND] again the same shit and starts to play sh... after a lot of our playerbase leave I left this clan too
[RMBLE] this was the only real clan I liked, but after a few months I went back to build up with DoppelmoralBilly

[SEND] ...

5. I want to join IDEAL because I have heard only good things about the clan by DoppelmoralFabi and DoppelmoralBilly
and I am convinced of the success in the campaigns.
I expect an established clan with few responsibilities...

6. I am Cedric, 18 years old and I come from Germany. At the moment I am doing an apprenticeship as a forester.
Besides my hobbies as a self-proclaimed water expert and poet, I like to shout at my allies in World of Tanks or get horny cause my enemys really turns me on.
When I'm on the computer, I'm sitting on Teamspeak.

PS. when I see DoppelmoralBilly my PP gets hard :likeasear:

Re: Application cholerisch

PostPosted: 22 May 2020 15:13
by McMokka
Hey Edward Cullen,

could you give us the name of your first account, so we can evaluate your progress as a whole? Or a rough guesstimate of what the stats were before you reset this account? Whichever applies :)

Re: Application cholerisch

PostPosted: 22 May 2020 15:17
by Dr_Badthur
fagian is inviting all his friends monkaS

Re: Application cholerisch

PostPosted: 22 May 2020 15:17
by cholerisch
on the old account several people are playing. . . at the beginning of the reroll i had 16k battles and 1700 wn8 :)

Re: Application cholerisch

PostPosted: 23 May 2020 16:43
by McMokka
Hi dude, we decided to accept you for trial :)

Feel free to leave your clan.

Some information about the trial:
- There is a hidden community voting determining the outcome of the trial (main members are able to cast a vote).
- The trial phase will last up to 1 month and can be shorter if we see earlier that you fit (or don't fit).
- We are mostly looking at how well you fit into the community and expect interaction with the community.
- While we are a no-obligation clan, you still need to actively play the game.
- Of course some level of performance and activity is required.

Make sure to relog on our forums after accepting the invite, so you get access to the internal section of our forum.
You will also receive an automated PM with some more information.

(If you have problems relogging, follow the steps in this post.)

Our TS3-adress is When you are there, make sure to contact an Officer for member rights.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, depending on the matter, either an Officer or regular member.


Re: Application cholerisch

PostPosted: 23 May 2020 23:35
by TheGamingLion
Skrrrrt, unfortunately we had a miscommunication in the recruitment group.
We'll take a bit longer to make a decision on your application.
It would be great if you could get some more battles in in the following week, so that we can better evaluate your performance.

Re: Application cholerisch

PostPosted: 24 May 2020 15:54
by cholerisch
It´s allright.. Now I will play more battles. So u can see what I´m doing. :SOA: