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Read this before posting your application here

Post your applications to IDEAL in World of Tanks here!
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Read this before posting your application here

Postby TheGamingLion » 19 Mar 2020 00:40

Please make sure you have read our recruitment thread before you apply: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php? ... l-players/

Our Requirements:


As stated in the forum post linked above, these requirements are merely a guideline.
Exceptions can be made in the case of requirements not quite being met.

Please copy & paste the following questions into your application and answer them thoroughly:

1. Links to your WoT Profile and WoTLabs / WoT-Life

2. Which tanks have you been enjoying the most lately? Which tank class do you prefer to play?

3. What are the gamemodes that you are interested the most in and that you would like to participate in with IDEAL?

3.1 Do you already have competitive game mode experience (SH/Adv/CW) and if so, how much?

4. Please list your previous clans and why you left them.

5. What is your motivation to join IDEAL? What do you expect from joining us?

6. Tell us something about yourself.

You can create your application in our WoT Clan Applications forum section by pressing the "NEW TOPIC" button there.
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