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Post your applications to IDEAL in World of Tanks here!
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Postby IN_Y0UR_F4CE » 09 Sep 2019 12:12

1. Link to your WoT Profile and WoTLabs

https://worldoftanks.eu/de/community/ac ... wot-portal

2. Which tanks have you been enjoying the most lately?

T95 Chief, 279, 260, Literally every russian Med and lights for sure

3. What are the gamemodes that you are interested the most in and that you would like to participate in with IDEAL?

surely advances, I am literally sick of playing with apes every single day

4. Please list your previous clans and why you left them.

PEERS - For Campain - left because their leadership were complete monkeys
BLUTE - a friend of me asked me to join , but in the end, it wasnt really what I´ve wished myself for
NERVA - tried it, but the Leader kicked me out because I told him I couldnt play for two weeks
MAAM - myself and some other dudes tried to rebuild it, but it didnt worked out
OM - exactly the same like PEERS, their leadership were dicks
F4CE - joined them right when they were fall apart because most of them moved to build up WORKS

In the End I am literally just searching for a Clan where I can stay as long as possible, because the feeling within the Clan, is like the most important thing
5. What is your motivation to join IDEAL? What do you expect from joining us?

I always wanted to Join IDEAL, because of the three powerpuff girls lul :dealwithit:

and to play with people on my level
6. Tell us something about yourself.

I play WoT because I wanna mess myself with the best.
Most likely i go for gunmarks, which i enjoy the most, because i think when i am going for it, i play much better, like for real omegalul :D
I also don´t flame others, only when they´re sitting in an SPG or smth like that and just cum all over me every game, especially in the 279
19 years old
motivated to play as a team, always looking forward to continue to improve myself
And I am a potato, which means my english is like not the greatest, but i think its good enough for calls like: RUSH CYKA
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Re: Application

Postby Dr_Badthur » 09 Sep 2019 14:30

Arty shooting 279s, how sad :krygr:
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Re: Application

Postby IN_Y0UR_F4CE » 11 Sep 2019 12:59

Dr_Badthur wrote:Arty shooting 279s, how sad :krygr:

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Re: Application

Postby TheGamingLion » 12 Sep 2019 19:28

Sup, we are accepting your app. Sending an invite soon. :)

Some information about the trial:
- There is a hidden community voting determining the outcome of the trial (main members are able to cast a vote).
- The trial phase will last up to 1 month and can be shorter if we see earlier that you fit (or don't fit).
- We are mostly looking at how well you fit into the community and expect interaction with the community.
- While we are a no-obligation clan, you still need to actively play the game.
- Of course some level of performance and activity is required.

Make sure to relog on our forums after accepting the invite, so you get access to the internal section of our forum.
You will also receive an automated PM with some more information.

(If you have problems relogging, follow the steps in this post.)

Our TS3-adress is ts.idealclan.eu. When you are there, make sure to contact an Officer for member rights.
If you have any questions, feel free to ask, depending on the matter, either an Officer or regular member.

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