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Corona autism

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Re: Corona autism

Postby McMokka » 19 Apr 2020 11:00

Dr_Oolen wrote:Apart from basically having no work/income because of it, practically nothing changed for me except going outside with a mask on when i go for a walk, but since i walk in places where i might on average see 1-2 people per 1 hour i dont have it on anyway unless i see some mr sexiі coming. Also, I do like that when I actually go outside there are even fewer people there than usual - its simply muchm ore peaceful and calm outside, which i like. But i guess what changed is i havent seen my sister for some 2 months now (she lives in a city some 100 km away) because of it and only saw my grandmother twice or three times briefly and from some distance as my mother is basically now the only person who interacts with her to minimize the chance of possible spread because my grandmother is 85, and despite, for her age, still being in respectable health, a respectable health of an 85 year old still isnt something that could handle stuff like this.

So in a way this corona stuff hasnt really been bad to me overall.

How you dealing with no income though? Enough on the side? Is there some support from your country, since you are self employed?
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Re: Corona autism

Postby Dr_Oolen » 19 Apr 2020 12:21

McMokka wrote:How you dealing with no income though? Enough on the side? Is there some support from your country, since you are self employed?
I have enough money aside (assuming there isnt some super aids inflation) to last 2-3 years, if i went super hermit level of existence, probably 4 years (its not like my current lifestyle requires that much money anyway). What the government did was (for self employed people) making it so that we dont have to pay any social/health insurace for half a year and they passed a bill that gave everyone basically minimum wage for the length the biggest restrictions will last. So almost 2 months worth of what is the minimum wage here. So that is basically 2-3 months worth of money from the government (in terms of sustaining my lifestyle, which is basically at the level of what the minimum wage can cover).
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