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tank discussion

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Re: tank discussion

Postby Brati007 » 08 Jan 2019 17:11

NoSkillJustLuck_ wrote:The problem is not the playstyle. I really like it, that's why I enjoyed T10 and now 277 so much, which have a similar playstyle as the 1-4. BUT I've never played a tank which looses it's ammorack, gun and crewmembers with literally every shot it takes (and that is with safe storage). And on top of that, whenever I play it, the gun can't hit a barn from the inside, which is especially annoying with that 11sec reload that feels like forever. And fires are also quite common in my 1-4...
So what i would like to know is, if the 5A has the same issues as it's predecessor.

dont play 113 :D
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Re: tank discussion

Postby NoSkillJustLuck_ » 08 Jan 2019 21:12

'WZ-111 model 1-4' successfully sold. Received credits: 1.914.290. Spent gold: 30.

Problem sold :tomatard:
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Re: tank discussion

Postby Dakillzor_loves_IDEAL » 09 Jan 2019 03:06

1-4 is awesome :dildo:
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