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Postby TayIor_Swift » 30 Apr 2016 08:58

Throw some spoiler tagz down pls

I just saw the posts in the stronk movie/tv things:

#1 Dorne was utter shite:
- Sand snakes now have teleportation abilities
- Areo Hotah (the 2m, 140kg big black dude and Doran's bodyguard) was one of the best warriors in the GoT world (killed Arys Oakheart, member of Bobby B's kingsguard) and the bastard midget daughter of Oberyn kills him... with a pocket knife..?

tbh I'd be happy if they totally killed off the Dorne storyline now (but yknow D&D won't) and focussed on Euron Greyjoy, which brings me onto:

#2 Meereen:
- Burned harbour. Dany needs ships. Uncle Euron comes to the rescue in (probably) about EP8 of S6 when Dany conquers Khal Moro's (Jhago's) Khalasar, Tyrion/Varys identified the cause of the Meereen mess and the battle of fire takes place.
- Tyrion and Varys are literally made for each other.
- "You're in the great game now.." I wonder who he's talking to about this - any ideas? Dany or someone else?

#3 The Wall:
- Unsurprising, Jon will be ressurected sometime in the near future, but I imagine they're going to play the events at the wall quite slowly this season. Wildlings need to travel a long distance to save Snow, Mel needs to do a lot of exfoliation (she didn't give her life for Jon, she's about 200 years old but uses some beauty potion shit to make everyone think she's a pengting). Expect end of episode 3 for resurrection (and yeah, there were some pics of him fighting).
- The Onion Knight has my fealty. Idk about you but I fucking love Ser Davos, this guy is gunna get a lot more screen time in the future (and might turn into a very key player later on in the storyline).

#4 Close to the Wall:
> They purposely don't show Jon's resurrection in Ep1 to build a foundation for other characters.
> No bran.

Kinda shit but again not really surprising, Bran's biggest card this season is showing the audience who Jon Snow's mother and father is... That thing with the Night's King in the trailer looks pretty cool too.

#5 Sansa
- Awwwwwwwwwwwwh, just like Lady Cat.

#6 The Lannisters
- LOL this is such a sweet spot after S3E9.
- Jamie lost quite a bit of his progression. Cersei looks like less of a milf whilst still being retarded.
- The future looks more dramatic than a gaming lion outburst tho so should be interesting w/regards to faith militant.
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