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EternalPie Re-Application

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Re: EternalPie Re-Application

Postby Dr_Starfart » 08 Feb 2018 09:10

Erebus8 wrote:srsly stop playing the Leo1, noone can make it work.
Too much 183mm Type5 arta meds-with-good-turrets, city-maps corridors ........................................................................................

All I hear is l2p issues
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I'm still here

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Re: EternalPie Re-Application

Postby Dr_ownape » 08 Feb 2018 10:56

Gotma wrote:There is a difference between people having this mental "issue" and parents saying their kids have it, just to excuse their own problems with educating the younglings.

Yeah we went through this when he was about 3-7 years. Both me and missus went on numerous parenting courses as we thought we were just shit parents and he was " a bad un" due to us. Eventually we got referred to Guys and St Thomas in London and he was assessed infront of a panel of experts and within 15 mins they were sure he had ADHD - they actually laughed about how obvious it was.

About 5 years previous to this we had watched a Panorama episode about ADHD medication and how bad it was so we were adamant we didn't want him medicated but startegies put in place instead. The Consultant then asked us "are you doing the best for you or your son"? The medication make a massive difference and now he is old enough to know when he needs it and when not. You should hear him without it, loud noises at random intervals - similar to Tourette's - and a lack of self control.

Anyway Pie - sorry for hijacking your interview
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Re: EternalPie Re-Application

Postby EternalPieV2 » 08 Feb 2018 19:32

Dr_ownape wrote:Anyway Pie - sorry for hijacking your interview

Well, it's nice to see that some of you understand how different things can be with and without the meds. :SOA:
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Re: EternalPie Re-Application

Postby TheGamingLion » 11 Feb 2018 16:08

TheGamingLion wrote:Hey Pie, we are declining your application for similar reasons that I already stated in the PMs we exchanged prior to your application.

For example:
- lack of T10 tanks and sufficient DPG on them
- lack of T10 experience (total 1800 battles including your old account)
- most played tier on your current account: 5 (padpadpad Kappa)

Sadly this still applies, a difference in time of less than a month won't change much.
Especially the quality T10 gameplay experience is a main factor, still.
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